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Hyderabad: Milk adulterators arrested, oil, grinders, phones seized

20,January, 2016
The milk is adulterated with vegetable oils and milk powder. This can cause severe vomiting, kidney infections and heart complications.
Hyderabad: The Cyberabad SOT busted a milk adulteration racket on Monday. The gang used to adulterate milk by mixing vegetable oils and milk powder.
The three-member gang from Keesara, used to buy milk from nearby villages and sold them to companies like Heritage Dairy, after adulterating it.
Cyberabad SOT additional DCP E. Ramchandra Reddy said the gang was operating in the Cherial village. The accused T. Narsimham, K. Sudhakar and M. Ganesh Reddy are residents of Cherial village and are milk traders.
The trio were running the racket successfully for nearly three months. They procured milk from traders in nearby villages at `35 a litre. Every day they collected nearly 180 litres of milk from the villagers.
“For each litre of milk they mix a litre of vegetable oil and half kg milk powder and mix it thoroughly. Due to this the milk becomes thick and fat content increases,” said Mr Ramch-andra Reddy.
Later, they sell the same to dairy firms like Heritage for `40 a litre.
Consuming this milk is dangerous. Adults can vomit and will have irritation in the stomach, fatty liver, kidney infection and heart complications, while kids will suffer infections in the throat and in the digestive system.
Police seized 300 litres of milk from the gang, along with five kg milk powder, two tins of oil, two grinders and two mobile phones.
The arrested men were remanded to custody.
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