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Contaminated meat, fish destroyed

3,February, 2016

Six kilograms of contaminated meat and 1.5 kg decayed fish stored in a freezer by a prominent restaurant near Thindal were destroyed during an inspection by a team led by District Officer for Food Safety and Drug Administration G. Karunanidhi on Tuesday.
While raw meat could be stored in below zero degree level, cooked meat ought to be consumed within six hours. The confiscated meat appeared to be semi-cooked. Samples have been sent for lab test, Dr. Karunanidhi said. The restaurant was instructed not to use monosodium glutamate and colouring agents in the dishes.
The kitchen’s floor looked untidy and garbage was found strewn in the campus, adding to the unhygienic condition, he said.
“We have instructed the restaurant to put up boards stating that monosodium glutamate or colouring agent has not been utilised for preparing dishes, and also RO water is supplied for drinking purposes,” Dr. Karunanidhi said.
Colouring powder below 100 ppm is permitted only for bakeries and restaurants have to desist from using them. The public eating out must make sure that restaurants do not use colouring powder that have been proved to cause ulcers and bladder cancer, he said.

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