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Worms found in school cafeteria ketchup bottle

12,February, 2016

Worms found in a bottle of ketchup in the cafeteria of an international school in the city last week has raised concerns about the quality of food served in school canteens. The school has now decided to review their hygiene practices.

During the lunch session last week, the students were shocked to find one of the ketchup bottles had worms. The school decided to remove all the 40 bottles that were in the dining room. After examining the bottles, the authorities claimed that none of them had worms. However, a decision was taken to destroy all bottles in stock, and procure another brand of ketchup certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Social media and social networking sites were abuzz with the news, and the school authorities, on damage control mode, wrote to all the parents assuring them that all items used in the kitchen and cafeteria are from registered suppliers, and the products are certified. The school has also decided to investigate further and have escalated the matter beyond the catering company to the ketchup supplier.

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