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Tea traders hail steps FSSAI raids

22,February, 2016

The Tea Trade Association of Cochin has hailed the raids conducted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on people selling adulterated tea. In a statement here, the association said the raids had brought to light unauthorised activities in the trade.

At the same time, it said the malpractices by a small section of traders had brought the entire tea business under the shadow of public suspicion.

The statement said legitimate and genuine tea traders across the country had been affected by malpractices by unscrupulous elements.

The association said it would work to create awareness among the public to protect the interests of the stakeholders and the move to book those dealing in adulterated tea was welcome.

It said teas auctioned at the Cochin auction centre were confirmed by sellers and the Tea Board-approved brokers to be those of prescribed FSSAI standards.

Valuation of tea was done by experts in the industry and the trade was regulated by the Tea Board of India.

The traders appealed to the public to refrain from buying teas which were sold at comparatively lower prices. They said traders, buyers and retailers should always insist on bills of transactions with the VAT and FSSAI licence numbers on them. The traders said adulterated tea was being brought into the State from neighbouring States and some of the non-tea materials in the adulterated tea could cause health problems.

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