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FSSAI raids: Kochi tea traders clarify over quality

25,February, 2016

Kochi, February 23:
Tea Trade Association of Cochin has clarified that the valuation of teas in the auction centre was done by industry experts and the trade was regulated by the Tea Board of India.
The quality aspects of teas offered at the auctions are well assured and the export quantities for the previous period will substantiate the value offered through auctions.
The Association’s clarification comes in the wake of the recent raids carried out by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on adulterated tea dealers in the State and confiscating several adulterated quantities.
According to JK Thomas, the association Chairman, the teas auctioned through the centre were confirmed by the sellers and in accordance prescribed under FSSAI and by the Tea Board-approved brokers before offering it in the auctions.
The Association urged the public to abstain from approaching tea dealers who are offering teas at comparatively very low price, which is practically not possible for any estate to produce under the current circumstances. It also requested traders, retailers and consumers to demand a bill with the suppliers’ VAT and FSSAI license number while purchasing the commodity, considering the rise in adulterated products from neighbouring States.

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