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FSSAI commemorates decade of Food Safety & Stds Act with 10 initiatives

1,September, 2016

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) commemorated ten years of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and revealed its future plans with ten initiatives aimed at making the public and the food industry partners and an aware society.

The document released by FSSAI said, “The future of food safety and nutrition lies in an integrated approach, collaborations, engagement and surround impact.”

“These will be key dynamic to enable food safety in the country. And these initiatives are envision to connect people of all age groups across the spectrum with the simple intent of creating an aware community which is empowered to ensure food safety.”

Beginning from home, the dots connect workspace, schools, serving and corporate for food safety.


  • Safe and nutritious food at home: FSSAI is bringing out a green book on safe food at home. It will assist homemakers in their routine dealing with the food
  • Safe and nutritious food at school: This initiative is aimed at creating awareness about food safety among children and inculcating safe food habits that will last a lifetime
  • Safe and nutritious food at workplace: This focuses on employees
  • Safe food on the streets, at restaurants, railway stations and places of worship
  • Working in close cooperating with corporates with a thought of food safety – a shared responsibility
  • The apex regulator wants to connect with citizens by which public participation can be augmented to achieve the goal of food safety
  • Diet for Life: This is aimed at the nutritional needs of children with metabolic disorders
  • Food safety training and certification (FoSTaC): This aims at providing training to people involved in various food businesses
  • IFS-Quickacess: This initiative is aimed at integrated food standards for easy and effective implementation and monitoring
  • Strengthening of food testing laboratories (SOFTel)
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