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Food samples taken from Bhopal: Zero in 2 weeks

21,October, 2016

BHOPAL: There has been no food sample collection in Bhopal for over two weeks after the legality of district food safety officer was challenged in a court.

Simply put, if the government does not come out with a notification, any adulteratedfood sample this Diwali may not be legally tenable and the offender could walk free.

A manufacturer in Shivpuri district against whom the Food and Drugs administration (FDA) had moved for prosecution got relief from the court over a technicality. The state government has nominated a food safety officer (FSO) in each district. But the notification for five years lapsed on August 4 and is yet to be renewed.

Which means, any sample taken by government food inspectors cannot lead to prosecution in court, since the legality of the chief medical and health officer (CMHO), who is the designated FSO, has been challenged. "The situation will be resolved soon. As for the offenders going free we will ask for legal opinion and apply the law retrospectively," said an FDA official.

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