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Govt decides to order testing of edible oils over cancer link!

14,November, 2016


Srinagar, Nov 12: With the reports that edible oils consumed in Jammu and Kashmir, contain cancer links, the government has decided to order state-wide testing of edible oils

One of the senior officials of the State Drug and Food Control Organization told, that raids will be held in all major outlets of edible oils in the state with the aim to identify and punish distributers and manufacturers producing adulterated cooking oil refined from low quality and discarded rapeseeds.

“I want to inform you that concrete steps have already been taken in this regard. We have taken open samples for lab testing from top brands. We will send the samples to referral laboratories in Kolkata and Ghaziabad for precise testing. If any of the brands are found adulterated with harmful and substandard oil, their outlets and industrial units will be immediately sealed,” said the official.

Sources said that most of the top oil brands available in the market are under scrutiny.

It is to mention here that in the recent past ,edible oils in Jammu and Kashmir were found containing recycled oils and oils extracted from discarded rapeseeds, which contain highly toxic carcinogenic substance including ‘dropsin’ and ‘aflatoxin.’

Sources said that apart from edible oils markets are flooded with the milk and milk products containing chemicals such as detergents—the trend that experts say is creating a health catastrophe.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), in one of its reports, said detergents are a cause of food poisoning and gastro-intestinal complications. Other common additives to milk impair the functioning of various organs of the body, cause heart problems and cancer, it said.

It is to mention here that Jammu and Kashmir High Court had directed the Government to provide full particulars of outside companies supplying food items to Jammu and Kashmir.

“Commissioner Food Safety shall provide full information and particulars of those food manufacturers, suppliers, persons, companies who originate from outside the state and supply food items to Jammu and Kashmir,” a division bench of Justices Muzaffar Hussain Attar had said in its order.

The court had expressed displeasure over non implementation of Food Safety and Standards Act. “Money power has taken control of everything now. Few people have made empire out of food adulteration, they want quick buck and for it they can go (stoop) to any extent,” the court had observed.

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