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‘Four out of 100 sweet samples adulterated

24,November, 2016

GURGAON: Four out of 100 samples sent by the district food safety department for quality testing before Diwaliwere found to be adulturated.

According to a laboratory report, which came out on Tuesday, samples of khoya and petha sweets as well as roasted chana dal and dry fruits (used in preparation of sweets) failed the quality test. While two of the adulturated samples were from shops in Gurgaon, the other two came from shops in Badshahpur and Sohna.

A sweet shop at a city-based five-star hotel was also found to be selling adulterated sweets. The other sweet shop in Gurgaon is based in Sadar Bazaar. "Only four samples were found to be adulterated. We have sent notices under Section 46 (4) to all shops from where they were taken," KK Sharma, food safety officer, Gurgaon told TOI.The department started inspection on October 8 this year, well before Diwali (which was on October 30). The department reportedly came into action after it received a few reports about the arrival of adulterated milk, paneer and khoya in the city from Mewat and some parts of Rajasthan.

Officials collected around 100 samples of ready-made sweets like milk cake, khoya and kaju barfi from many areas, including Sector 29, MG Road, DLF areas, Badshapur, Sadar Bazaar, Jharsa Road, and Sector 14 market.

The collected samples were sent to a government-authorised laboratory in Chandigarh for quality testing.

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