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No single fish seller in Kozhikode possesses FSSAI license

25,November, 2016

Kozhikode: Not even a single fish vendor in Kozhikode possesses a license approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

The food safety officials, who inspected them, will send notices to each fish vendor in the major markets including those who sell fish on motorcycles or bicycles.

“We came to know that no single fisherman in Kozhikode possesses a license of FSSAI in spite of liberalising procedures,” said Sankaran Unni, assistant commissioner. The department had already held an awareness session for people dealing with food items highlighting the need for FSSAI license.

"The inspection has also revealed the grave state of fishes sold in these markets. We have collected nearly 25 samples and sent to the regional analytical laboratory at Malaparamba," he said.

"Once we got the reports, we will start taking action against these sellers and the fish vendors. They face a penalty of up to Rs 5 lakh and six months in jail."

Keeping the place clean is a problem. "There are only two taps for 200 sellers here," said Zulfiqar Ali, a fish vendor at Central Market Kozhikode.

"For the past three months we were not getting water from the tap. Hence the place has turned dirty, and waste is strewn around, emitting a foul smell."

Rajendran NP, a wholesaler here, said, many of them were unaware of the rules, "let alone how the procedure works."

"In spite of missing registration deadlines earlier, the department failed to address constraints and make the process less cumbersome. The process of registration takes three to four working days, and a vendor cannot afford to shut business and visit banks and government offices.”

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