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‘No plastic rice in Coimbatore’

12,June, 2017

Rice samples collected from various shops sent for analysis

Amid rumours on the presence of plastic rice in the State, officials of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) here collected samples of rice from shops.

FSSAI officials said that 19 samples of rice, each amounting to 500g, were lifted on Friday and Saturday from wholesale and retail shops.

Officials said that the samples will be sent to a Government-run laboratory for examination.

“The 19 samples were lifted after conducting inspections in more than 200 shops in the district. The samples were collected based on a directive from the Commissioner of Food Safety,” said O.L.S. Vijay, Designated Officer, FSSAI, Coimbatore.

Dr. Vijay said that no instances of plastic rice sold or detected have been reported in Coimbatore so far.

“We have not received any complaints related to plastic rice here,” said Dr. Vijay.

According to officials, plastic or synthetic rice can be identified through simple methods if people are doubtful about the genuineness. Unlike normal rice, plastic or synthetic rice are likely to float if put in a glass of water. Similarly, synthetic grains will easily burn like plastic if set on fire. If the grains are not natural, the cooked rice will have longer shelf life too according to officials.

While normal rice gets fried when heated in a pan, plastic rice will is easily melted due to the heat.

Similarly, the colour of the batter made of synthetic rice will be slightly yellowish while the one made out of natural rice will be whitish.

In case of suspicion over the quality of rice, public can contact FSSAI at 0422-2220922, 94440-42322.

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