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Food samples collected by FSDA fail test

15,June, 2017

BAREILLY: Samples of edible oil and a namkeen collected by food safety & drugs administration (FSDA) from three different places in February were found to be substandard. Officials said that the food items have been seized and license of the accused traders would be cancelled.

Bareilly FSDA designated officer Mamta Kumari told TOI, "We had conducted raids in February across the district during the festive season of Holi. We collected over two dozen samples from various sources in the district to send them to laboratory. The reports of those samples have started coming now. On Wednesday, we got reports of samples of bran oil, palm oil and namkeen. Oil samples were collected from Rithora block, while namkeen sample from Bhabhora area. In lab reports all three samples are said to be substandard and highly injurious to health."

The FSDA official said that in edible oil synthetic colour and acid was found, similarly in namkeen non-edible colour was mixed.

"Lab reports say that sample contain non permitted synthetic yellow colour which is highly harmful for consumption. We will file a case against the accused traders in the court of additional city magistrate. We have already sealed the premises and now their licences will be cancelled. The edible oil was produced in huge quantity nearly 2,000 to 3,000 litres per day to dispatch in the other district also. Similarly, namkeen was dispatched in the local market, especially in the rural area," Kumari added.

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