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3.25 tonnes adulterated sweets and snacks seized

3,November, 2018

Madurai: Officials from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have seized around 3.25 tonnes of sweets and snacks from four major sweet-making units in the city during a surprise check conducted on Thursday evening and night. The items were seized to check the quality of sweets prepared for Diwali, as there is heavy demand during the season.

Officials said that they seized three tonnes of sweets at around one tonne each from as many units and around 250kg from another unit. They were found using excess colour beyond the permissible limits and non-permitted colours as they are harmful for consumers. Stale sweets used as stuffing in baked items such as coconut buns and items that were kept for sale beyond the expiry date were also seized.

Stating that sale of sweets for Diwali would continue for the next two to three days, the officials added that they would continue such surprise raids till then. They also appealed to the public to report use of excessive colour and sale of expired eatables at bakeries to the FSSAI authorities on 9444042322. Confidentiality would be maintained on identity of the complainants, they said.

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