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Festivities round the corner: FSDA starts drive against ‘adulterated’ cakes


Meerut: With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, the Food Safety and Drugs Administration (FSDA) began its drive against “adulterated” cakes, sweets and other items that are sold during the festive time, on Sunday. Four teams with three members each will conduct surprise inspections at shops in rural and urban areas to check adulteration and the sale of stale items in the market.

“Four teams with three members each have been formed. These teams will conduct regular checks by sending suspicious food items to the Lucknow laboratory for testing. In most cases, action will be taken only after the laboratory results confirm adulteration. However, if the team finds any food item that appears to be sub-standard or unsafe, action will be taken accordingly,” said Archana Dheeran, designated food officer, Meerut.

The teams will keep a close eye on milk, milk-made products, cakes, Christmas treats, other sweets and bakery products, Dheeran said.

“The samples of suspicious food items will be sent to Lucknow’s food testing lab to avoid any manipulation at the city-based lab. However, if the food items look too suspicious, they will be sent to the city lab only and an immediate report will be sought. Sample reports from the city lab take only 48 hours and action can be taken soon after,” said Dheeran.

FSDA authorities said that customers can anonymously file complaints related to food adulteration.

If a city resident is apprehensive of a certain food item that he or she has purchased, then they can send it for testing to the food department personally by depositing a fee of Rs 1,000. If found adulterated, a complaint can be filed on the condition of anonymity.

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