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Adulterated mawa seized ahead of festival

20,March, 2019

Jaipur: Ahead of Holi, health department’s food safety wing on Monday took action against mawa and milk cake producers for allegedly using dried milk powder and refined oil. Food safety officers seized 25 kg of milk powder and bottles of refined oil from Chitwari area of Jaipur district. Also, 50 kg of adulterated milk cake was destroyed by food safety officers.

The food safety officers have served notices to the firm owner under Food Safety and Standards Act. They said that action will be taken only after they receive the report of test done of the samples taken from the firms. The raids were conducted in Chitwari area of Jaipur district. The officials claimed that the owner of a firm was using milk powder and refined oil as an adulterant. The food safety officers conducted raids at 12 such firms preparing mawa. They have also destroyed 25 kg of mawa on suspicion of it being adulterated.

Also, in another raid conducted in Shahpura of Jaipur district, the food safety wing officials found that the owner of the firm was selling “adulterated” milk cake with the name of “suji cake” and “sweet cake”. “They have started fooling people by selling adulterated milk cake with different names. When we conducted raids, they refused to accept that it is milk cake. They keep the product in big packets of 10-12 kg and sell it to customers by cutting pieces. But, when food safety officers conduct inspection, they show the label on 10 kg packet mentioning it as “suji cake or sweet cake” but when they sell it to the customers, they do not mention that it is not milk cake but it is suji cake,” said an official. He said that they sell it for Rs 300 per kg.

The officials said that the adulterated milk cake is supplied from Alwar’s Khaithal and Ramgarh area. “Milk cake is prepared by using only milk and sugar. But, they are using cheap refined oil and suji for preparing a product which requires less investment and it gives better return to such traders,” he said.

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