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Sodium hydrosulphite found in mawa during raid

22,March, 2019

Jaipur: Non-edible sodium hydrosulphite has been found during a raid at a mawa manufacturing unit in Lohawat Vayiyon Ki Dhani in Jodhpur district on Tuesday.

Ahead of Holi, the demand for mawa has increased manifold and to cater the need of mawa, some producers of mawa, which is required for preparing sweets, are using unlawful means to cash in on its increasing demand.

“Sodium hydrosulphite is non-edible and it is unsafe for human consumption. We have found that the owner of the firm was using it as clarification agent. It is used to give whiteness and to reduce yellowish colour of mawa,” said Dr Sunil Singh, state nodal officer (food safety), who raided the unit in Jodhpur.

It has been found that the owner was purchasing milk without any fat at a cost of Rs10 per litre. He was also allegedly using refined vegetable oil and to give it whiteness, he was using sodium hydrosulphite.

According to officials, sodium hydrosulphite is also used in preparing jaggery as clarification agent. Since it is not safe for health, the health department destroyed 50kg of mawa found from the unit. The officials said that mawa is prepared by using milk and sugar only. But, to make more money, the some of the owners are using adulterants to prepare cheap mawa, which is unsafe for human consumption.

Also, the health department’s team found that the owner did not have any licence required under Food Safety and Standards Act. The health department officials have collected samples of mawa and sent it for laboratory test.

Besides, there were more such units of mawa but when the health department teams reached to conduct raids, they closed it and fled from the scene.

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