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Ice cream or unhealthy frozen dessert, what are you having?

28,March, 2019

Indore: Next time you buy ice cream, be extra careful. You might get duped and end buying an unhealthy frozen desert instead of ice-cream.

Frozen dessert is actually mixture of milk powder, vegetable oil and artificial sweeteners unlike ice cream which is made of milk.

Ahead of summers, food department has started a special drive against sale of frozen dessert claiming to be ice cream. According to food inspector Manish Swami, on directions of ADM Ajaydev Sharma, food and drug administration department is conducting special drive against ice creams and frozen desserts in city. It has been found that several companies, who sell ice creams, are actually frozen desserts.

He added that as per Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) ice cream is prepared by freezing pasteurized mix prepared from milk or products derived from milk. It must be free of artificial sweeteners. While dessert that doesn’t have milk products and requires freezing a pasteurized mix prepared with milk fat and/or edible vegetable oils and fat, and milk or vegetable protein, or a combination of both are frozen desserts.

He claimed that around nine samples of frozen desserts and ice creams have been seized from several brand depots in Annapurna and Rajendra Nagar. Usually ice cream family packs, which are worth Rs 55, are frozen desserts and the ones with price tag of Rs 120 and above are actual ice creams as they are made of milk. However, nowadays even frozen desserts are being sold at higher rates. Swami said department will start extensive drive againstsoft drinks and ice balls.

A palate test is an easy way to tell ice creams from frozen desserts. "The taste of frozen desserts lingers long after you have it whereas once you’ve gobbled ice cream, flavour leaves you," said Swami.

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