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Food safety dept bans blended oil for false label

12,June, 2019
Kochi: Food safety department has banned the manufacture and sale of a brand of blended edible oil, made by mixing palmolein and coconut oil in the ratio of 80: 20, but marketed as coconut oil. A statement from assistant commissioner of food safety said the product Coco Ross blended edible vegetable oil manufactured by Pan Biz Corporation based in Pattimattam was being fraudulently marketed as coconut oil.

As per Food Safety and Standards Authority of India ( regulations, every package containing an admixture of edible oils shall carry the following label declaration immediately below its brand name: Blended edible vegetable oil. The font size of the label declaration shall not be less than 5mm. The font size should not be less than 10mm if the edible oil package is more than 1 litre.

Though the product was a blend of two vegetable oils, the product was allegedly being sold at the price of coconut oil by the manufacturers.

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