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Crackdown on adulterated fish sale

26,June, 2019

SOMETHING FISHY: Members of a youth club stage a protest at Kozhikode mofussil bus stand on Wednesday alleging that fish vendors in the city are charging exorbitant prices for even sardines, taking undue advantage of the trawl ban.

Food Safety squads to continue intensive drive till the end of trawl ban

Following complaints about marketing of adulterated fish, Food Safety squads have intensified their inspections in the district.

The inspections focussing on harbours and fish markets will be continued till the end of trawling ban.

“We have received complaints about marketing of frozen fish without any label mentioning the product details. This is an illegal practice and such stocks will be seized ” said Food Safety Assistant Commissioner P. Aleyamma. “However, we are yet to receive lab reports on the presence of formalin or any other adulterant in such products,” she said.

Though Food Safety officials claimed that the checking was part of their routine activities, they made it clear that the squads would keep tabs on the purchase of formalin-laced fish from other States at a cheaper rates and its resale at local markets. They also said the public would be encouraged to pass on information about such attempts to the Food Safety squads.

During the trawl ban last year loads of formalin-laced fish had been brought to the district from neighbouring States, cashing in on demand. The Food Safety squads blocked suspected vehicles on the district borders and sent them back after collecting the samples.

Officials said there were several instances when the squad destroyed contaminated or formalin-laced stock after conducting inspections and imposed fine on the apprehended carriers. Those engaged in the sale of such stock in local markets were also traced to suppress the network, they said.

Members of the Food Safety squad in the city said they carried out inspections at the Central Fish Market. In early morning operations, Food Safety officials inspected the fishing harbours at Beypore, Chaliyam and Chombal.

An officer attached to the Food Safety office at Vadakara said the samples collected from Chombal were sent to the Regional Analytical Lab at Malaparamba. It was a frozen stock and the preliminary test result was negative showing no presence of formalin or ammonia, he said.

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