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Food wing collects seven samples in Kapurthala

21,July, 2019

Jalandhar, July 19A team of the Health Department carried out a checking drive under Dr Harjot Pal Singh, Assistant Commissioner, Food, and Satnam Singh, Food Safety Officer, Kapurthala under ‘Tandrust Punjab Mission’ today.

The team started inspection at 6.30 am on a complaint basis. A dairy near Subhanpur was checked. However no objectionable material was found on the premises of the dairy, situated at the residence of a villager.The team checked food items and collected samples from other Food Business Operators (FBOs) in Begowal and surrounding areas.

The food wing took seven samples, including two milk, two fruits, one pulses, one confectionary item and one fruit drink.

The team of food wing inspected vehicles carrying food items, especially milk and milk products. During the course of checking, drivers were seen trying to evade the checking by moving vehicles this way or that way.

However, the food wing managed to check many of them. Taking into consideration the ongoing rainy season, the FBOs have been directed to keep and store foodstuffs under clean, dry and hygienic conditions, to protected them from Mold growth, which otherwise deteriorates the food items in rains due to increased moisture content in the air.

The samples have been despatched to the State Food Laboratory, Kharar, and the report of the analysis will be made available to the department at the earliest. Further legal action will be initiated against the offenders as per the report of analysis of the State Food Lab, under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 and Rules and Regulations, 2011.

All FBOs were strictly directed to hygiene on the business premises, proper personal hygiene of workers engaged in the unit, especially those directly handling the foodstuffs.

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