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Synthetic Milk plants Raided in Madhya Pradesh, 62 arrested.

21,July, 2019

The Madhya Pradesh police arrested 62 people for allegedly manufacturing and supplying synthetic milk and other products and distributing them to branded milk outlets in six north Indian states, the PTI reported.

Three synthetic milk units located at Amba in Morena district and Lahar in the Bhind district of the Gwalior-Chambal region were raided by the Special Task Force (STF). They also raided a dozen other locations on Saturday but found the premises locked.

According to Rajesh Bhadoria, the STF Superintendent of Police, around 10,000 litres of spurious milk, over 500 kg of condensed milk and over 200 kg synthetic cottage cheese were seized during the raid. A huge quantity of liquid detergent, refined oil, maltodextrin powder, and other chemicals were also seized.

“As many as 20 tankers and 11 pick-up vans containing spurious milk and other products were seized,” the STF SP said.

30 percent milk was used in combination with refined oil, liquid detergent, white paint, and glucose powder in every liter of spurious milk produced at the three units, The NDTV report said, citing the officials.

How is Synthetic Milk produced?

Synthetic, milk is produced by adding white color water paint, oils, alkali, urea, and detergent, etc. Synthetic milk has a bitter after taste and turns yellowish on heating. The milk when rubbed between the fingers gives a soapy feeling.

The National Milk Quality Survey, 2018

The National Milk Quality Survey, 2018 was carried out by FSSAI to assess the quality of milk. The survey that was conducted in 602 towns collecting 6432 samples revealed that milk in India is largely safe. The Survey had found that 90% of the samples were safe and less than 10% of the samples were non-compliant.

Earlier this month, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) launched a scheme for Sampling, Testing & Inspection of milk to strengthen internal controls at the licensed dairy processing establishments. The Scheme that is tentatively planned to be operational by 1st October 2019 elaborates certain quality and safety tests that have to be done by the dairy establishments at regular intervals. This will help the establishments in identifying the cause of any non-compliance, take preventive and corrective action, the FSSAI had stated.

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