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Person having contagious disease shall not handle food, clarifies FSSAI

14,October, 2019


No person known to be suffering from any contagious disease shall continue to handle food products is one of the key conditions put forward by a recent clarification issued by the apex food regulator in regard to those who will be permitted to operate without FSSAI registration.
The clarification has been issued in regard to the FSSAI’s order dated July 8, 2019, regarding non-requirement of FSSAI registration for last mile delivery persons, direct sellers, food vending machines, water vending machines, food ATMs and branded food carts owned by single or main entity subject to certain conditions. In the clarification, the term, direct selling agents, which was used in the order earlier, has been replaced by direct sellers.
According to FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), it is clarified that the said order provides an option and is applicable to those cases where the main entity accepts the responsibility of regulatory compliance by the last mile delivery person, direct sellers, individual food units or entities.
The FSSAI stated, “In this regard, the main entity shall communicate in writing to its individual entities and to respective licensing authorities, its decision to undertake the responsibility of such compliance. In case the option is not exercised, the requirement of FSSAI registration by such persons shall continue.”
It is pertinent to mention here that in July, the apex food regulator agreed to give relief to persons involved in direct selling of food products as it has relaxed the requirement for FSSAI registration for such operations but with conditions.
The regulator, in its direction, stated that last mile delivery person, direct selling agents, food vending machines, water vending machine, food ATMs owned by single entity and branded food carts owned by single entity, are exempted from the requirement of FSSAI registration.
The conditions included that the main entity shall obtain FSSAI licence based on their eligibility, maintain database or record of all individual units, and shall be responsible for regulatory compliance by these individual entities.
Further, main entity shall also issue photo IDs having a unique identity number and bearing the licence number of main unit. Also when asked, the individual entity/unit shall display the licence number of the main entity. To this FSSAI issued clarification that in case the IDs do not have photo of the individual, it must be accompanied with a government issued photo ID card.
A senior official with the FSSAI said that the issue related to the FSSAI registration to ‘Last mile delivery persons, direct selling agents’ was examined by the FSSAI and since they generally work under single main entity to ensure last mile delivery of food products and are not directly involved in manufacturing, sale and supply of food articles on their own or under their own brand name, the FSSAI has therefore taken the decision, which however is subjected to conditions for which the the food regulator has issued the clarification.

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