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Packaged foods sales jump 50% as consumers seek safety

14,November, 2020

Packaged food products have witnessed a spike in demand from the consumers due to the spread of pandemic, as a major shift of consumers from unbranded to branded products has helped lift up sales of savoury, sweets, snacks, noodles, cookies, ready-to-eat foods, protein rich foods, ready-to-cook and immunity boosting products.
Companies have witnessed over 30 to 50 per cent growth from the previous year and the reason experts say that people were looking for safe and packed food, untouched by hands during the pandemic times.  
Joshna Joseph, research and development manager, Soch Foods LLP, Mumbai, said, “Since restaurants were not operating, people also started making their favourite dishes at home during the lockdown and started relishing it. Hoarding of food materials have also led to the spike in the sale of convenience food as these products have longer shelf life. More number of start-ups are coming up and planning to create healthy and innovative products with longer shelf life. As far as Soch Foods is concerned, we are also moving towards producing healthier variants of our products. People in this pandemic time are more concerned about health and are more inclined towards healthy and convenient food.”
Divyani Madarkar, quality assurance executive, Candor foods Private Limited, Navi Mumbai, said, “This pandemic which is far from over, the importance of private label suppliers in the supply chain matrix is further heightened. Leaving the modern retail owners and ecommerce players to focus on the end-customer service/deliveries, the Private Label players have ensured product availability during restricted operation conditions.  During these pandemic times we at Candor Foods are making sure that we serve all our clients like Amazon, Foodhall, Spencers, Nature’s Basket, Grofers, Big Basket, Future Group, Spar etc with utmost care and meeting up with their requirements.”
She further added, “Food Operators have an added responsibility to ensure that the products are manufactured and packed in the most hygienic environment, the labour remains healthy and free from illness and state of the art measures are taken including automation for ensuring food safety.”
Dinesh Shah, Season Nutrifoods, Maharashtra, said, “The sale of packaged food is increasing these days as people are consuming more of Ready to Eat, Ready to Cook and immunity boosting products. Our company has seen a growth of 30 per cent after the lockdown period.”
Sreeparna Pal, product development associate, Wrigley India Private Limited, Bangalore, said, ”The waves of lockdowns, an upended world economy, and cravings have played a significant role in purchase decisions. People become more reliant on the food which is easily accessible from the market. Mars Wrigley is not only well known for its chewing gums section but Chocolate section also. In that point of view, sales of chocolate segments have been on the rise since March compared to the chewing segments.”
She further stated, ”Around 6.3 per cent increase in sales reported compared to last year. We are using a digital commerce platform as an innovative way to reach maximum consumers. Mars Wrigley, which sells brands like Galaxy, M&M’s and Snickers, online growth has been stronger in recent months by adopting strategies like selling smaller sized bags to meet increased demand for at home occasions.”

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