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Slurrp Farm launches ‘Zero TransFat Mithas’ campaign for Diwali

14,November, 2020

Slurrp Farm, rolls out its Zero TransFat Mithas campaign on 14 November. This year, India celebrates Diwali, World Diabetes Day and Children’s Day, all on the day. Keeping that in mind, the brand urges people to adapt to a healthier and tastier lifestyle by eliminating TransFat from the festive binge. A brand founded with the intent of providing good nutrition, it aims to revive the use of super grains to create guilt free packaged products, encouraging healthy eating across age groups.
The campaign on Zero TransFats has been in focus by the FSSAI to help India grow into a healthier nation. As per the Union Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, Trans Fat is a contributing risk factor for cardiovascular diseases (CVD). According to a Lancet study, one in four deaths in India is due to cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Various Industry bodies like WHO, FSSAI, etc., are proposing to reduce the TransFats in food items by 2022.
Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan said, “Vanaspati made its way into our diet from the 1930s onwards because most Indians could barely afford the cost of ghee. Today, the reality is, we cannot afford its health effects. Particularly during these times of Covid-19, when our health is our last defense. Slurrp Farm’s products shun transfats (dalda, edible vegetable oils), hydrogenated fats, palm oil, and invert syrup or golden syrup and high fructose corn syrup, and have little or no maida. Through this campaign, we aim to bring back the delicious nostalgia of all things healthy and homemade.”

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